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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors assumes responsibility for the stewardship of the Company. It oversees the management of the Company with the objective of enhancing shareholder value and ensuring the Company’s long-term viability, profitability and development.

Claude <br/>Dussault
Charles <br/>Brindamour
Yves <br/>Brouillette
Robert W. <br/>Crispin
Robert W.
Janet <br/>De Silva
De Silva
Robert G. <br/>Leary
Robert G.
Eileen <br/>Mercier
Timothy H. <br/>Penner
Timothy H.
Louise <br/>Roy
Frederick <br/>Singer
Stephen G.<br/> Snyder
Stephen G.
Carol <br/>Stephenson

Skills Matrix of The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors’ Skills Matrix sets out the selection criteria and reflects the current key skills of the Board of Directors as a whole. Management and the Board of Directors aim to develop a diversified Board of Directors composition that includes the key skills and strengths which are in line with the needs of the Company, its mission and future development.

The recruitment process includes references, verification of reputation and ethics as well as background checks (credit and criminal); external consultants are called upon from time to time to give additional support to the recruitment and verification process.

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Financial expertise
  • Financial services
  • Governance
  • Government/
    Public affairs
  • International markets
  • Investment management
  • Legal and regulatory affairs
  • Marketing/
    Brand awareness
  • P&C operations
  • Risk management
  • Strategic leadership/
    Senior executive
  • Talent management/
    Executive compensation
  • Technology
Board Member Audit Committee Compliance Review and Corporate Governance Committee Human Resources and Compensation Committee Risk Management Committee Independent Director
Claude Dussault
Charles Brindamour
Yves Brouillette
Robert W. Crispin
Janet De Silva
Robert G. Leary
Eileen Mercier
Timothy H. Penner
Louise Roy
Frederick Singer
Stephen G. Snyder
Carol Stephenson
Chair Member

Executive Committee Members

Charles Brindamour

Chief Executive Officer

Louis Gagnon

President, Service and Distribution

Jean-François Blais

President, Intact Insurance Company

Patrick Barbeau

Senior Vice President, Claims

Martin Beaulieu

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Direct-to-Consumer Distribution

Alan Blair

Senior Vice President, Atlantic Canada

Sonya Côté

Senior Vice President and Chief Internal Auditor

Frédéric Cotnoir

Senior Vice President, Corporate and Legal Services, and Secretary

Debbie Coull-Cicchini

Senior Vice President, Ontario

Joe D’Annunzio

Senior Vice President, Specialty Solutions and Surety

Jean-François Desautels

Senior Vice President, Québec

Monika Federau

Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Anne Fortin

Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Direct-to-Consumer Distribution

Darren Godfrey

Senior Vice President, Personal Lines

Karim Hirji

Senior Vice President, International and Ventures

Mathieu Lamy

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Alain Lessard

Senior Vice President, Commercial Lines

Louis Marcotte

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Lucie Martel

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Benoit Morissette

Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer

Jennie Moushos

Senior Vice President, Western Canada

Werner Muehlemann

Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Intact Investment Management Inc.

Lilia Sham

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

Mark A. Tullis*

Vice Chairman

Don Fox**

Executive Vice President

Peter Weightman

President, BrokerLink

* Since March 1, 2017

** Since January 1, 2017